Mountain Home Catering

We offer catering to be picked up Mondays-Fridays between 6:30am-4pm. To honor the breakfast experience for our in-house guests, we do not offer catering on Saturdays or Sundays.

Please give us 48 hours in advance for your catering order. Your order is confirmed when you hear back via phone or email from a manager at our restaurant where you will be picking up. You may send your order online or email us at

A few catering options can be made gluten free, vegetarian or vegan.


breakfast burrito
cold sandwiches
turkey wrap

two scrambled eggs / hash browns / cheese / pork green chili / choice of bacon, ham, sausage, or chorizo /  flour tortilla
choice of bread / choice of ham, turkey, or tuna / white cheddar cheese / tomato / lettuce / mayo
sliced turkey breast / lettuce / cheese / bacon / tomato / ranch / flour tortilla

deluxe burrito
toasted sandwiches
chicken wrap

choice of shredded pork or ground beef / refried beans / tomato / onion / cheese / pork green chili / flour tortilla
toasted whole-wheat / choice of turkey, ham , bacon, or tuna / lettuce / tomato / mayo
grilled chicken / lettuce / corn salsa / cheese / chipotle mayo / chipotle flour tortilla

veggie burrito
breakfast sandwiches
veggie wrap

two scrambled eggs / hash browns / cheese / broccoli / tomato / onion / spinach / mushrooms / green peppers / salsa / flour tortilla
grilled whole-wheat / two scrambled eggs / sliced ham / white cheddar cheese
grilled portabella mushroom / roasted red bell peppers / grilled onions / lettuce / tomato / avocado / cheese / chipotle mayo /chipotle flour tortilla


mixed fruit

two-liter sodas
cinnamon rolls

potato salad